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Kentucky Derby Day Sponsorship Opportunities

Our philosophy on sponsorship is simple…. deliver ROI. We are not seeking charitable dollars or give-aways. We are seeking partnerships with companies that will benefit from exposure to our patrons through direct mail, email marketing, event signage, event interaction, product sampling, and curated experiences that build brand relationships. The chart below illustrates sponsorship opportunities of the Kentucky Derby Day Soiree however we always work with a sponsor to conceive elements that work best for their needs. 

The Critical Importance of this cause

80% of chronic disease is caused by food! That’s $2.7 trillion we are throwing away! Fortunately, 80% of chronic disease can be treated or prevented with food. This is the single most important issue of our time. Living well, living long, and dying well. The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation is building a teaching kitchen, called “The Kitchen Table”, where doctors, chefs, patients and the community at large can collaborate in Food as Medicine that is nutritious, delicious and affordable. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and hundreds of more diseases can be influenced. So, while we are taking a different approach to adding funds to the cause, the cause is critical in health and economic terms.