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Artists of the Derby: A Live Painting Show

As part of the phenomenal fanfare of Derby Days, we have invited several sensaitonal artists to display a selection of their works and create an artwork for sale at our show. 

Lynda Clayton

Contemporary Impressionist

Linda Clayton’s paintings begin with a sketch, and are then finished by building layers of acrylic paint. She adds in acrylic mediums to thicken or thin the paint, molding paste, and sometimes uses bits of text from old books, or words/images printed on tissue paper. Her creations are finished with thick strokes applied with a painting knife. Her technique and artistic style can best be described as Contemporary Impressionism. Contemporary Impressionism is a term used to describe works created by contemporary artists that share similar aesthetic qualities with those by the French Impressionists. Whether depicting urban environments or the natural world, all of the images that can be considered Contemporary Impressionist are rendered with loose, expressive brushwork and focus on the effects of light. Linda is most interested in incorporating color, energy and texture into her work.  Inspired by music, she chooses the emotion or energy she wants to convey in a painting. The subject matter is often related to a contrasting strength and vulnerability. She strives to convey the power we each possess, but sometimes forget. Her creations are a reminder that we can overcome any struggles on our journey in this life.

Anton Horishnyk

Spontaneous Realist

Anton Horishnyk is a Minneapolis-based, self-taught artist who uses bold, dynamic colors to define shape and contour for the subjects he paints.  He’s been painting for over 3 years. Painting on large canvasses is his passion and is a great way to express his artistic style. His artistic interests also include painting large murals and painting images on vehicles and motorcycles. Painting allows him flexibility since his daily life is challenged living with narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that 1 out of 2000 people also share with him.  Narcolepsy changed his direction in life. Art is helping to define it and rise above his challenges.  His artistic style, *spontaneous realism, is intended to make people smile and take a second look at images brought to life through a use of dynamic color combinations. Spontaneous realism is a form of art, a subgenre of realism, involving the combination of abstract art, bold color schemes, and apparent brush strokes. The original photo is referenced and then recreated with an unrealistic color palette. Anton welcomes commissions – people, pets and places.