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The Functional Food Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to advance development, distribution, and accessibility of functional foods for everyone. Functional Foods are those that do more than mere nutrition and aid in disease prevention or treatment. Food is the foundation of health!

Derby Day Affair

May 7, 2022 The Minneapolis Club

Join us for a delectable delightful day enjoying scrumptious cuisine paired with wonderful wines and watch the 149th Kentucky Derby.  

Dress to impress and inspire! There will be many games, interactive activities, and oh so much style. We will have Mini Horses, Great Danes, and Angora Bunnies, oh my! While the stallions will remain at the track, This Little Horse is bringing a collection of adorable amiable mini-horses for photo opportunities and more. And, while speed will not be promised, a heard of Angora Rabbits from Peace Island Bunnies will show off their natural cruelty-free fashions on their very own “bunnywalk grassway”.

More details to be announced at our Charity Christmas Concert!

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